Friday, April 10, 2015

Does this post shave itself?

In case you're wondering, the title alludes to Russell's paradox.

A catalog of all posts (newest first) follows. 

Quantum Mechanics
10.05.2015 : ...and glory to the quantum! : The mind-blowing second part of my rant against wave-particle duality.

19.04.2015 : Down with duality... : Wave-particle duality leads to a lot of confusion, and is not even something that's strictly defined! Do we really need it? Or has our understanding come to a point where we can do better?

08.03.2015: Jigsaw's cat : A discussion of the famous feline thought experiment and how it uncovers the measurement problem of the Copenhagen Interpretation (which is easily the main problem).

01.02.2015: Ladder to heaven : A description of what is meant by 'quantization', and how it arises from one very special property of the wave function. Visualized through a quantum guitar. 

30.01.2015: A trip to Copenhagen : A statement of the postulates of the Copenhagen Interpretation. An auxiliary (= boring) post with some necessary technicalities... and two jokes in the end. 

10.01.2015: To be or to not be : Outlining some common misconceptions (and pet peeves!) arising from asking questions which are meaningless in the framework of the Copenhagen (= standard) Quantum Mechanics. 

14.02.2016: Gravity waved! (Q&A) : The most recent big result in Physics (at the moment of writing of this sentence) is the gravitational wave detection by the LIGO experiment. Tune in to this Q&A to learn more!

21.09.2015: Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff : Some graphical illustrations of space and time in relativity. Time is indeed wibbly-wobbly, but still a progression of cause-and-effect, it seems.

30.08.2015: Some stuff Einstein actually said : A discussion of space and time, which are both relative, and events which we all agree happened, which are absolute. Motivated by Einstein's book The Meaning of Relativity.

02.04.2015: A relatively special post : Special relativity 101 - how it came about, what motivated Einstein, and what the theory is about, in a nutshell. 

18.01.2016: Let me teal you about the cyansce of color : What are the intrinsic characteristics that give objects their color? What color is a mirror, and why is the sky blue (sometimes)?

31.05.2015: 'Energy' is a great name for a band* : What exactly is a semiconductor, is it really different from an insulator, and why in the world has it had more influence on our lives than anything in the history of humanity, ever?

14.02.2015: Astrooonooomyyyyy : Some random thoughts inspired by some astronomical images. 

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