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Rutherford did say something like this but suggesting a barmaid instead of a six-year-old, while Hilbert suggested the first man on the street. Technically, if we assume the statement correct, then nobody has understood anything about science, ever. But I'd like to have my go at explaining Physics-y stuff as simply as I can, and, perhaps equally importantly, without too much of the "woaaah quantum mechanics is so weird, you just have to accept it like this even though it's completely non-intuitive" crap one often finds in science articles written for the laymen.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Does this post shave itself?

In case you're wondering, the title alludes to Russell's paradox.

A catalog of all posts (newest first) follows. 

Quantum Mechanics
10.05.2015 : ...and glory to the quantum! : The mind-blowing second part of my rant against wave-particle duality.

19.04.2015 : Down with duality... : Wave-particle duality leads to a lot of confusion, and is not even something that's strictly defined! Do we really need it? Or has our understanding come to a point where we can do better?

08.03.2015: Jigsaw's cat : A discussion of the famous feline thought experiment and how it uncovers the measurement problem of the Copenhagen Interpretation (which is easily the main problem).

01.02.2015: Ladder to heaven : A description of what is meant by 'quantization', and how it arises from one very special property of the wave function. Visualized through a quantum guitar. 

30.01.2015: A trip to Copenhagen : A statement of the postulates of the Copenhagen Interpretation. An auxiliary (= boring) post with some necessary technicalities... and two jokes in the end. 

10.01.2015: To be or to not be : Outlining some common misconceptions (and pet peeves!) arising from asking questions which are meaningless in the framework of the Copenhagen (= standard) Quantum Mechanics. 

14.02.2016: Gravity waved! (Q&A) : The most recent big result in Physics (at the moment of writing of this sentence) is the gravitational wave detection by the LIGO experiment. Tune in to this Q&A to learn more!

21.09.2015: Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff : Some graphical illustrations of space and time in relativity. Time is indeed wibbly-wobbly, but still a progression of cause-and-effect, it seems.

30.08.2015: Some stuff Einstein actually said : A discussion of space and time, which are both relative, and events which we all agree happened, which are absolute. Motivated by Einstein's book The Meaning of Relativity.

02.04.2015: A relatively special post : Special relativity 101 - how it came about, what motivated Einstein, and what the theory is about, in a nutshell. 

18.01.2016: Let me teal you about the cyansce of color : What are the intrinsic characteristics that give objects their color? What color is a mirror, and why is the sky blue (sometimes)?

31.05.2015: 'Energy' is a great name for a band* : What exactly is a semiconductor, is it really different from an insulator, and why in the world has it had more influence on our lives than anything in the history of humanity, ever?

14.02.2015: Astrooonooomyyyyy : Some random thoughts inspired by some astronomical images. 

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